Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bowser asks for Detailed Transportation and Community Plans for Stadium Deal

The hearing room at DCRA was standing room only. For the second night in a row impacted citizens testified before the Committee on Economic Development. They cited issues related to the lack of a transportation plan let alone any planning for the SW neighborhood that would be home to the DC United Stadium. Fears of losing low and moderate income housing in the neighborhood were aired as well as concerns about future development that might displace residents who have lived there for generations. At the end of the session, CM Bowser asked the Mayor and his team to develop and present to the Committee a Transportation Management Plan as well as a Small Area Plan that would address the community-wide issues highlighted by residents. During the hearing the Committee learned that even if the deal does not go through (because DC United may back out), the Reeves Center building would have already been sold to Akridge (once the Council approves the deal) and they would own the land and develop it. No stadium and we lose the Reeves Center.