Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bowser's Committee Hears Testimony on Impacts of Redeveloping the Reeves Center

The Committee on Economic Development listened to testimony from citizens, civic associations and businesses that stressed the importance of daytime traffic being generated by employees and visitors to the Reeves Center. They also spoke of the impact on the Farmers Market, Post Office, DC Center, and parking in the building which visitors to the 14th and U neighborhood use during the evenings and on weekends. CM Graham attended the hearing since the building is located in his ward and he commented that he continues to be opposed to including the Reeves Center in the soccer stadium deal. He asked for more affordable housing and office space if the building is to be demolished. He and CM Bowser still remain skeptical that a DC-owned building should be redeveloped without proper review by the Council. In that regard, the Council has hired a consulting group to evaluate the deal in detail