Friday, December 20, 2013

HPRB Board Turns Down Design for 1921-23 14th

·         At its Dec. 19 HPRB hearing, the Board voted for the second time to ask the owner and architect to revise the design proposed for the properties located at 1921-23 14th Street NW.  They want to see the projections go as well as the cantilevered section over the historic bldg at the corner of Wallach Place.  The materials are also presenting a challenge to the staff and Board.  The facade of the historic building at the corner needs more refinement as well.  In general they think that the building design is "top-heavy" and is "not fully baked," according to Chair Gretchen Phaeler.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Reeves Center Property Swap Details Revealed by DGS

The head of the DC Dept. of General Services revealed on Tuesday, Dec. 17, the proposal for the swap of properties that includes the Reeves Center in order to facilitate the building of a new soccer stadium.  Residents and businesses weighed in to advocate for an office building rather than the proposed mixed use building.  CM Graham expressed his support for an office building that would retain the current Post Office and the DC Center.  Click here to see the slideshow presentation that was shared with the community.  It includes a timeline for the proposed project.  The proposal will be submitted to the DC Council by Dec. 31 along with some enabling legislation.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Zoning Commission Extends Deadline to March 3 to hear testimony about Zoning Re-Write

On December 9 the Zoning Commission announced its vote to extend the deadline to March 3 2014 to hear testimony from affected residents and community groups regarding the Zoning Re-Write.  It was a response to criticisms from the community that there had not been enough vetting of the new document by ANCs and civic associations.  So the ZC will hold hearings in January and February to reach out to the community at-large.  ANCs will be able to testify on January 30, 2014.  For us in the 14th and U neighborhood, a hearing will be scheduled in early February.