Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ted's Bulletin Restaurant Putting on Final Touches

The owners of Ted's Bulletin are putting the final touches on their new restaurant at the corner of 14th and Swann Street.  The Art Deco themed "breakfast all day" restaurant is larger than their original location on Capitol Hill.  We are looking forward to the opening soon. Visit their website to learn more about menus and offerings.  See you at breakfast...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

JBG Wants to Sell LOUIS and PUD Projects

The word on the street is that JBG has put the LOUIS and their 13th and U Planned Unit Development (PUD) on the market FOR SALE.  Various real estate blogs have posted stories about this news.  A number of us spent several years reviewing, approving and monitoring the LOUIS project with assurances that JBG staff were going to remain as managers of the leased building.  Now we don't know who will be accountable to our community.  Neighbors are concerned about noise emanating from the proposed rooftop activities, like showing movies, and providing an outdoor bar and lounge area.

The PUD project located at the corner of 13th and U was recently approved by the Zoning Commission giving JBG the variances they were seeking and new zoning to allow the construction of an eight story apartment building in our historic district.  Stay tuned while we try to get more information about the sale.

And lest we forget, JBG sold the District Apartments at the corner of 14th and S after telling the community and the ANC that they had to change their plans from building condos to apartments because the numbers didn't support condos.  Bozzuto is leasing and managing the apartments.

So was it their plan all along to simply serve as the developer, despite representations to all of us that they were here for the "long haul" and cared about our neighborhood?  One wonders!

Friday, June 21, 2013

BakeHouse Opens on T Street

The long wait is over and BakeHouse has finally opened next door to the Taqueria Nacional at the former location of the U.S. Post Office on T Street near 14th.  It is on the street floor of a two story addition (where the postal trucks would load and unload mail to the post office.

The staff is congenial and has been busy working out the kinks of starting a new locally owned business.  Some days they run out of food and reviews have been mixed at, but one thing is's a great addition to our neighborhood!  They have added premade sandwiches for those seeking some lunch.  So give them a try.  Get some coffee and a muffin to start your day...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gay Pride Parade Comes to 14th and S

Our neighborhood has grown so much in recent years and now the organizers of the annual Gay Pride Parade have deemed us worthy of being incorporated into the parade route.  LGBT residents have lived here for many years and so it will be a celebration of their pioneer efforts to settle and thrive in this neighborhood.  We are PROUD of our neighborhood's diversity!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ABC Board Listens to Neighbors

On May 22 the ABC Board listened to neighbors regarding the proposed moratorium at 14th and U Street. They heard 18 witnesses (largely affected neighbors) who were in favor of the moratorium and a handful of witnesses who were opposed (largely the affected ANCs--1B, 2B, and 2F).  The one ANC that is largely affected is 1B, while only 5% of ANC2B and less than 1% of ANC2F are affected by the proposed 1800 foot radius.

Neighbors argued that late night noise and parking issues were affecting them as well as the cumulative effects of having over 120 licensees in their neighborhood.  They also argued that many businesses had left the neighborhood and had been replaced by alcohol serving establishments.  Moreover, they presented petitions signed by over 450 neighbors who live within the proposed zone.

The ABC Board will deliberate and issue a ruling within 90 days.  They can accept the 1800 foot radius or modify it by downsizing it to 1200 feet or 600 feet as allowed by the ABRA regulations.  They can also reject the petition submitted by the Shaw-Dupont Citizens Alliance. 

Other community organizations that represent affected residents have expressed their support for the moratorium and they include the Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association and the Dupont Circle Citizens Association.

Taqueria Nacional Opens on T Street


Taqueria Nacional has officially opened and the neighborhood is excited to have a reasonably priced eatery specializing in Mexican-inspired food. Owners John Fulchino and Ann Cashon are hopeful that their new venture will be supported by their new neighbors. The menu features tacos, quesadillas, tostadas, yucca fries, guacamole, several flavors of agua fresca, and huevos rancheros and cornmeal pancakes for the weekend breakfast crowd. Did I mention that they also serve margaritas and beer? Enjoy! We wish them BUENA SUERTE!