Sunday, June 28, 2009

DCRA Announces Shoring Plan for 1841 16th Street

More good news for our neighborhood!

Rick Busch, President of the Dupont Circle Conservancy, has announced that Linda Argo, Director of DCRA, has been authorized by the owner’s attorney to convey to the neighborhood that it is the owner’s intention to renovate the interior of 1841 and restore its exterior. According to Mr. Busch, "DCRA is moving very quickly with the contract..." Mr. Busch said that Ms. Argo indicated that the DCRA contracted work will take approximately five weeks to complete. "The fact that DCRA is working to create a contractual obligation to stabilize the building means that work will start quickly, instead of being delayed waiting for the owner to find her own stabilization contractor, " Mr. Busch wrote. "The cost will be approximately $225 K, which will be charged to the owner."

We look forward to the shoring up of this property and the subsequent efforts to preserve this historic building!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't Reward Demolition by Neglect at 1841 16th Street

Neighors, preservationists and community representatives joined forces Monday, June 15, at a rally to protest demolition of the building located at the corner of 16th and T Streets.

City officials have given notice that they intend to demolish the building because it is in danger of falling down any minute. There are conflicting studies that have been conducted by structural engineers and preservationists want to save the building.

To obtain more information, please contact Rick Busch, President of the Dupont Circle Conservancy at 202.462.0948 or email him at The 3,254-square-foot Dupont home is the “cornerstone” of a series of row houses designed by architect Nicholas Haller, Busch said.

“You should not reward these millionaires for demolition by neglect,” said Rebecca Miller, executive director of the D.C. Preservation League. “These are people who have clearly just flouted the law, and they should not be rewarded for it.”

The Dupont Circle ANC 2B voted unanimously to support the efforts of the Dupont Circle Conservancy and asked DCRA to shore up the building and levy a lien against the property for costs incurred.

Join the fight to save this historic building in our neighborhood!
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Room and Board is coming to 14th and T

It's official! Room and Board is coming to the corner of 14th and T Streets.

Nearly six months after its deal to buy the former Taylor Motors dealership at 1840 14th St. NW fell through, Minneapolis-based furniture store representatives say they were able to secure financing for the deal.

Room & Board bought the 31,600 square-foot building from Four Points for an undisclosed amount. Under the previous deal, the company was to pay $9 million.

Room & Board, which currently has nine U.S. locations, said it plans to open the American-made home furnishings store next Spring.

We welcome Room & Board to our neighborhood and wish them well in their repurposing of this significant building. They will join our burgeoning furniture and accessory marketplace along 14th Street and U Street. Let the renovations begin!