Sunday, June 28, 2009

DCRA Announces Shoring Plan for 1841 16th Street

More good news for our neighborhood!

Rick Busch, President of the Dupont Circle Conservancy, has announced that Linda Argo, Director of DCRA, has been authorized by the owner’s attorney to convey to the neighborhood that it is the owner’s intention to renovate the interior of 1841 and restore its exterior. According to Mr. Busch, "DCRA is moving very quickly with the contract..." Mr. Busch said that Ms. Argo indicated that the DCRA contracted work will take approximately five weeks to complete. "The fact that DCRA is working to create a contractual obligation to stabilize the building means that work will start quickly, instead of being delayed waiting for the owner to find her own stabilization contractor, " Mr. Busch wrote. "The cost will be approximately $225 K, which will be charged to the owner."

We look forward to the shoring up of this property and the subsequent efforts to preserve this historic building!