Saturday, October 16, 2010

Re-election Campaign Kicks Off at ANC Meeting

My constituents have been contacting me to encourage me to run I have decided to run for another term. I presented my accomplishments to the community at the ANC meeting on Wednesday, October 13, and again at the U Street Neighborhood Association on Thursday evening. It has been a privilege to serve as Commissioner of SMD 2B09 for the past eight years. During that time I have worked to improve our neighborhood and I have listed some of the improvements below:

1. moving the Center for Community Change from Georgetown to 16th and U
2. encouraging restaurants like JoJo's, Policy, Chidogo, Local 14 and DC Noodles
3. supporting first class retail like Room and Board
4. shaping residential developments like Utopia and Whitman Walker projects with over 400 apartments
5. downzoning our neighborhood to protect our historic townhouses
6. paving streets, replacing sidewalks, putting in bike lanes, and planting trees
7. arranging for foot patrols to protect our residents, businesses and visitors
8. making sure that DC government built the dog park and updated the park at 17th and T
9. saving the Source Theatre
10. preserving the historic house at the corner of 16th and T

I have served as the Secretary, Vice Chair, and Chair of the Commission for two terms. My colleagues have honored me with the title of Chairman Emeritus.

We have a 14th Streetscape and a U Streetscape on the books and so I ask you for your vote to monitor these projects to make sure that the community gets what has been promised...and of course, to continue improving our quality of life.