Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1425 T Street Cooperative Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Block Party

On Saturday the cooperative at 1425 T Street celebrated its 15th anniversary. The directors of the coop board hosted a block party that was attended by residents of the building and the 1400 block. CM Jack Evans and I kicked off the party noting the building's contribution to the neighborhood. Pictured above with us are the coop board President, Clara Balbuena, and Past Presidents Tanya Barbour and Dominga Cruz. The banquet of food was terrific with plenty to go around (including an anniversay cake); the moonbouncers were very popular with the kids; and the music was enjoyed by all who attended. The weather cooperated and everyone had a GREAT time at the party!

Also pictured above is the original invitation to the GRAND OPENING ceremonies held on August 3, 1996. I was a speaker on the agenda representing the T Street Block Association. Best wishes for the next 15 years!