Monday, October 1, 2012

Enhanced Residential Parking Comes to West Side of 14th

I am pleased to announce that the Enhanced Residential Permit Parking has come to the west side of 14th Street.  Last Spring the Logan Circle ANC asked to be included in this program so that residents who live within their ANC boundaries could have designated "resident only" parking in their neighborhood.  Visitor passes have been mailed to these residents so that they can use them when their guests visit them.  As you may know, Ward One has already instituted this parking program to protect their resident parking as a result of an initiative started by Council Member Jim Graham.

Over the years, the #1 item that I have heard about from my constituents and neighbors is parking concerns.  I have worked diligently with the Logan Circle ANC, ANC 1B, and CM Jack Evans' staff to bring this same program to my Single Member District neighborhood.  Last week the signs were installed by DDOT and neighbors have already begun to reap the benefits.  At the end of the work day and on weekends, they are able to find parking in the neighborhood.  I have received many "thank you's" from my constituents.  Happy Parking!