Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ABC Board Listens to Neighbors

On May 22 the ABC Board listened to neighbors regarding the proposed moratorium at 14th and U Street. They heard 18 witnesses (largely affected neighbors) who were in favor of the moratorium and a handful of witnesses who were opposed (largely the affected ANCs--1B, 2B, and 2F).  The one ANC that is largely affected is 1B, while only 5% of ANC2B and less than 1% of ANC2F are affected by the proposed 1800 foot radius.

Neighbors argued that late night noise and parking issues were affecting them as well as the cumulative effects of having over 120 licensees in their neighborhood.  They also argued that many businesses had left the neighborhood and had been replaced by alcohol serving establishments.  Moreover, they presented petitions signed by over 450 neighbors who live within the proposed zone.

The ABC Board will deliberate and issue a ruling within 90 days.  They can accept the 1800 foot radius or modify it by downsizing it to 1200 feet or 600 feet as allowed by the ABRA regulations.  They can also reject the petition submitted by the Shaw-Dupont Citizens Alliance. 

Other community organizations that represent affected residents have expressed their support for the moratorium and they include the Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association and the Dupont Circle Citizens Association.