Sunday, July 28, 2013

BOOM Changes 14th Street

I get a lot of questions about the development along 14th Street from Logan to Cardozo-Shaw and I tell observers that the planning for this development occurred 10-15 years ago and what they are seeing is the result of a lot of money being directed and invested in our neighborhood. 

Don't forget that the Great Recession delayed some of these investments because construction funds dried up for a few years.

If you haven’t taken a stroll lately, check out this interactive guide to the recent development.

I welcome the changes and am pleased to have been part of the planning and development process, shaping the various projects to fit into our historic neighborhood.  Many community meetings were held during those 10-15 years and now visitors and new residents are witnessing the results. 

Long-timers are anxious for the construction phase to end and to have our neighborhood back!  In particular, the 1400 blocks of S, Swann and T have had to shoulder the burden and inconvenience of   the various construction projects but we can see that completion is near!