Monday, August 19, 2013

Bye Bye

After five years of publishing information about our neighborhood known to some as Borderstan, the blog co-founders of have decided to end its online run.  Many of us who live in the target areas of Logan North, Dupont East, and Cardozo-Shaw have enjoyed the information sharing and cross-pollination that took place during those five years.

The neighborhoods surrounding 14th Street have certainly come into their own during that time and perhaps we don't need this kind of blog any more.  With all of the money and development that has come into our neighborhoods, the need for sharing information about "future projects" is no longer there.  We are fully developed...except for a few parcels that remain unbuilt (but there are plans on file!).  As I tell newbies who stop me on the street, they should have been here 10 years or 15 years ago to buy the properties that are now being redeveloped, including our rowhouses!

As for covering the 3 ANCs that represent the target area, I often found's coverage instigated unnecessary controversy and nasty comments, so I won't miss their coverage.  I tell residents and business owners to attend the monthly ANC meetings to see for themselves what happens and to not believe what they read on the blogs.  The information in blog write-ups is often inaccurate or misleading or designed to instigate.

BTW joins seven other local blogs that have stopped publishing online.  You are welcome to visit my website and blog for continuing coverage of  "our neck of the woods."  I always argue for more facts and verbatim quotes.  In that spirit, I have provided a link to the co-founders' parting words...good-bye Borderstan!