Saturday, January 10, 2015

At-Large Candidates Weigh in on Proposed Soccer Stadium Deal

At last night's forum hosted by the Black Cat and The City Paper, the large field of candidates discussed everything from the pending soccer stadium deal to education to affordable housing. The evening was full of a lot of going back and forth between the candidates, the press (who asked the questions), the moderator and the audience. Elissa Silvermann was the object of many attacks as she is perceived by many to be the front runner. Outstanding performances were given by Puryear and Snowden (pictured above). Hart seemed upset with the audience when he stated that he favored the stadium deal which includes moving the Reeves Center to Anacostia and the audience "booed" him much so he asked if he could finish his statement... Most of the candidates stated that they were concerned about deal details and some didn't like that the Reeves Center is being sold to a developer. Several candidates stated that they would prefer to see the District government spend the $150 million that is proposed for building the soccer stadium on building affordable housing and providing services to the homeless.