Monday, November 10, 2008

This Month's ANC 2B Meeting Agenda (November 12th, 2008)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008, 7:00 p.m.

DC Jewish Community Center, 16th at Q Streets NW

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B meets the second Wednesday of each month.

There is an open forum at each meeting for discussion of issues not on the regular agenda.

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• Update on Hilton Hotel issues

• Presentation by DDOT (Chris Ziemann) on 14th/15th Street projects & T Street resurfacing

• Consideration of resolution re: 18th Street DDOT & WASA projects

• Consideration of resolution re: green taxi initiatives

• Consideration of resolution supporting use of Dupont Circle underground trolley station as art exhibition


• Presentation by Sam Williams (DCRA), New Vending Regulations

• Consideration of grant request by Dupont Village

• Introduction of Ross School Principal, Amanda Alexander

• Consideration of a resolution requesting that the Council hold a hearing on Councilmember Barry’s license, New restaurant with bakery. (2B02)

ABRA Renewals

-Application by 1807 Corporation for renewal of Class B Retailer License #ABRA-021578 for the

-Dupont Market located at 1807 18th Street NW. (2B01).

-Application by 2130 P Incorporated for a Class B Retailer License #ABRA-074057 for the Metro

-Supermarket at 2130 P Street NW. (2B02)

-Application by H. S. Lee Corporation for a Class B Retailer License #ABRA-060741 for Prego Again at

1617 17th Street NW, (2B04)

-Application by Moon Run Inc for renewal of a Class B Retain License #ABRA-060717 for the 1500

-Market at 1500 Massachusetts Avenue NW, (2B05)

-Application by Hyk, Inc. for renewal of a Class B Retailer License #ABRA-071148 for Marbi’s

-Newstand at 1730 Rhode Island Avenue NW. (2B05)

-Application by Oasis, Inc. for renewal of a Class B Retailer License #ABRA-014153 for the Oasis at

2024 P Street NW. (2B06)

-Application by Freedom Market, Inc. for renewal of a Class B Retailer License for Freedom Market, Inc

at 1901 New Hampshire Avenue NW. (2B09)

-Application by Bella Investments, Inc. for renewal of a Class B Retailer License for the New Hampshire

Market at 1900 16th Street NW. (2B09)

Administrative Matters, Commissioner and Committee Reports, and Unfinished/New Business

• Approval of Minutes/Financial Matters

• Religious land use bill & consideration of Commission action in appeal and District Court case (Third


• Presentation by Center for Strategic and International Studies, 1616 Rhode Island Ave, N.W. to propose

a Second Stage PUD (2B05)


- 1666 Connecticut Avenue, NW, HPA #09-036, concept/alterations to sidewalk café (2B02)

- BZA Application #17850 for one variance and three special exceptions to permit the redevelopment of

the structures located at 1407 S Street NW and 1802, 1804, 1810, 1816, and 1818 14th Street NW. (2B09)

-Public Space Application #40570 for six parking spaces at 1926 16th Street NW (2B09)

-ABRA Application #080149, JPA Hospitality, Inc t/a Aioli, 2153-2155 P Street NW, for “C” Restaurant

license. New restaurant with sidewalk café (34 seats). (2B02)

-ABRA Application #080501, PQ Blaine Mansion, Inc. t/a Le Pain Quotidien, for “C” Restaurant