Monday, November 3, 2008

The BIG Day is here! VOTE!

Wow!  Election Day is finally here!  I'm counting on your vote!

I just want to thank everyone for helping with my campaign and pledging a vote for me tomorrow.  The list is far too long for me to type tonight!  

So, I'll share pictures instead.  See you tomorrow!  ANC 2B09:  Precinct 141, The Reeves Center, northwest corner of 14th & U Streets, NW.  

Photographs kindness of Joel Lawson.  Thanks, Joel!

"I hope you'll consider voting for Ramon.  Because of his experience and his

service as both chair of the ANC and our SMD commissioner, he's able to really make a

difference on our behalf.  He understands what the job entails, how to

navigate the government matrix, and how to be a bridge between constituents

and business + government.  The regulatory boards that require ANC input &

testimony recognize and respect him, which helps our voices to be

considered.  He's highly regarded at 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, too.

And, he knows how to achieve results that benefit our everyday lives." 

Dan Gamber, Caroline Street Residents Association: “Ramon has strived to balance the interests of the business (particularly locally owned) AND residential communities. He does not oppose liquor licenses but does try to ensure that the result is not a night club that destroys our sleep .... He does not oppose major construction projects like now proposed for the Hilton and the 14 & U corner, but works to ensure that they will be good neighbors. I fully support Ramon's reelection. Not only is his approach to development balanced, he knows a lot about working with DC departments and about the history of our area.”

Kay Eckles, long time resident of T Street, community activist and President of the Residential Action Coalition and recent recipient of a DC Council honor, endorsed me as one who has served as an “ally working for balanced growth, historic preservation, licensing, planning and zoning. These are the fundamentals that guarantee and sustain the quality of community life. Mr. Estrada offers us the gift of historical memory and years of community involvement.”

The Nolando Condominiums on T Street issued a notice of support for my re-election.

Ellen Mercer, former director of the Dupont Circle Citizens Association 
(DCCA) and resident of 16th Street, also expresses her support of our campaign by saying that “Mr. Estrada has served our neighborhood incredibly well. Anyone who is paying attention (to the issues) would vote for Mr. Estrada."

The Campaign would also like to thank local business owner 
Carlos Buruca, El Paraiso Restaurant on 14th Street, for hosting a delicious fundraiser!