Wednesday, January 16, 2013

JBG Presents Revised Facade Designs

The JBG Companies presented revised facade plans to the community at several forums this month.  You may link here to their site to view the revisions.  They are responding to comments made by the HPRB Board members who cited several concerns regarding the proposed facades for the PUD at 13th and U Streets.  Their representatives noted that the 13th Street side of the building had been trimmed after the board suggested that the building should step down to the residential 13th Street.  In addition, the affected residents along Wallach Place have expressed their concerns about the rear of the building which they will have to face once the project is completed and the board also shared their concern.  JBG architects have made some adjustments to the rear facade to reflect these concerns.  And last but not least, the HPRB spoke at the December hearing about the U Street facade at street level needing to be broken up so that it is not such a long stretch of flat surfacing.

The next hearing of the HPRB to review this project has not been scheduled as of this date.  Their report on the details of their decision following the December hearing follows:   The HPRB directed the applicants to: 1) continue studying the height, massing, setbacks and reveals, along the perimeter of the building and particularly on the north elevation; 2) revise the 13th Street elevation to better address the scale of buildings across the street and on Wallach Place; 3) provide further detailing to the retail base; and 4) further differentiate the retail and residential entrances. Vote: 6-0 (Casarella recused, Ally absent).

The PUD application is scheduled to be reviewed by the Zoning Commission on March 4.