Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hello and welcome! ¡Buenos Dias!

Dear Friends and Neighbors ('long-timers' and newcomers),

It's official! After much encouragement from you to continue our advancements to preserve and improve our neighborhood, I'm running for another term as your ANC Commissioner for our Single Member District ANC 2B09.

As you know, there are many exciting projects underway in our SMD. Some on the brink of completion (such as Policy Restaurant at the northwest corner of 14th & T); some in conceptual stages (including the 14th Street Streetscape Improvements and the Utopia Project), and others moving quickly through the approval process (the Old Post Office project at 1407 T Street, NW). Along with you and other community leaders, we'll continue to insure the continuity and success of these projects during my next term.

Additionally, with your help, I will continue to facilitate and promote balanced growth, diversity, health, safety and opportunity. Over the course of my many years in public service, it is precisely these issues that I have emphasized, based on your feedback. Through our cooperative and proactive efforts, we have seen infrastructure improvements, including the repaving of our alleyways, streets, and sidewalks; better communication with our police department; more awareness of preservation issues; an increase in diverse retail establishments; and improved responses to our requests for city services.

The strides that we have experienced during my service as ANC Commissioner are the result of much effort and many partnerships. Our community is one of the most cohesive, resourceful and engaged neighborhoods in the city; and through combined efforts of private citizens, citizen groups, local businesses, city officials and our city council, we have succeeded in maintaining the unique and vital character here while ushering in new and dramatic changes.

It's clear that there's still much to do; and your vote on November 4th will ensure that we proceed with a shared vision for our neighborhood and for DC.
Thank you for your continued support.

More soon!