Friday, October 31, 2008

You Can Help

In our neighborhood, judging from the lively stream of people visible on their way to and from work, at restaurants and cafes, and browsing shops, our current economic crunch is not immediately obvious. And, during tough times, DC typically enjoys some economic insulation (see my post from 10-17-08). However, there are many people in neighborhood in need of shelter, food, and medical services. This weekend (and again on 11-22-08 on the National Mall) there's an opportunity to help people experiencing homelessness - You can participate in a Mini-Walk that's cosponsored by Dupont Circle Citizens Association (DCCA) and FannieMae Help the Homeless for the benefit of Charlie's Place, which provides nutritious meals, clothing, classes, barbering services, space for personal hygiene and a stable address to receive and send out mail, and connections with other social service providers. So, consider helping by participating in either this weekend's mini-walk (see flier), the November 22 Annual Walk for the Homeless on the Mall, and/or by donating to or volunteering at Charlie's Place.

The health of our neighborhoods hinges on a ample supply of engaged residents and businesses, and I hope you will join me in supporting not only our local providers of social services, but also our businesses, who generously donate food and services to community organizations. Also, there are several organizations, that you may already know about, working to help to promote our neighborhood businesses; here are some of their websites:

Ramon Estrada
Chair ANC2B