Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dear Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,

As your current ANC 2B09 Commissioner and ANC 2B Chair, I am seeking another term to continue improving and preserving our unique community.

Moving to the neighborhood thirty years ago, my initiation into DC neighborhood organizing began when it became evident that solving problems here required a unified effort. In those early days we:

• donned our orange hats to patrol the streets and drove the drug dealers away.
• worked with MPD to stop a lively alleyway prostitution business.
• worked on the ‘rat problem’ with the business owners here to remove dumpsters from the
public space.
• wrested a property from a slum landlord on the block,and with the help Georgetown University
Law School and W.I.S.H. Foundation, the building was secured, renovated and returned it
to the tenants as a clean and comfortable home.

All of these activities led to my initial election as Commissioner of ANC 2B09 in 2002. Since then, we’ve made great strides in preserving and improving the community. For those who are new to the neighborhood or to the ANC election process and would like more information, go to:

For those of you who have known me as a long-time neighbor, community organizer, and ANC 2B09 Commissioner, I hope that you will talk with your neighbors about my record of supporting residents and neighborhood businesses. Most recently, much of my time has been devoted to studying and supporting the new and exciting developments that are slated for the west side of 14th Street. For more information about these upcoming projects, you can click on my previous posts here, which offer details on the history and development of several sites.

With your vote, we will ensure that our neighborhood continues to be one of the best places in DC to live, work, invest, and play.

With warm regards,